Logo FOLAXAN® is food supplement which helps support the treatment of cancer


FOLAXAN®is modern natural product with a unique combination of active ingredients that naturally helps support the treatment and prevention of cancer.

FOLAXAN® ® is unique and balanced combination of extracts of medicinal plants rich in tannins and acids acting on the principle of induction of apoptosis:

  • Effectively destroys cancer cells (induces apoptosis) and is even stronger than most chemotherapy means, with no negative action on healthy cells;
  • Effectively attacks and destroys malignant cells (including their metastasis) of most cancers such as cancer of the skin, colon and rectum, stomach, breast, prostate, ovary, esophagus, lung and bronchus, liver, pancreas, leukemia and etc.;
  • Unlike chemotherapy, the extracted ingredients of FOLAXAN® selectively attack and destroy only the cancer cells (including their metastasis) – induce apoptosis in cancer cells. Do not harm healthy cells.

Studies have shown that extracts of medicinal plants rich in tannins and amino acids in FOLAXAN® can successfully, safely and effectively fight against cancer, the therapy is completely natural, does not cause side effects such as severe nausea, weight loss, hair loss and do not harm healthy cells.

What is the purpose of  FOLAXAN®?

The ingredients in the product FOLAXAN® complement each other and naturally help support the treatment and prevention of cancer.

FOLAXAN® may apply duringа:

  • Active treatment by radiation or chemotherapy
  • In destruction of tumor cells during treatment and for prevention of cancers;
  • After successful treatment of cancer
  • To reduce the risk of genetic predisposition to cancer;
  • To strengthen the immune system during treatment and therapy;
  • In improving the mental and physical condition and harmonize the energy balance in the body during the treatment.


Active ingredients: Crocus sativus 20 mg; Cistus incanus 50 mg; Equisetum arvense 30 mg; Glycine 10 mg; Аspartic acid 10 mg; L-serine 10 mg; L-alanine 10 mg; L-cysteine 10 mg and L-valine 10 mg; Rhodiola rosea 40 mg; Rosa centifolia L. 40 mg; Boswellia serrata 30 mg; Trifolium pratense L. 30 mg и Vitis vinifera 60 mg.

Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule)

The FOLAXAN® food supplement can be purchased in all pharmacies in the Czech republic or in our online store at: BeNatureShop.co.uk